The Prospector For some talented players, college dream may come up short

He loves to hit people. I think he even likes to be hit. But he is small. He was listed at 5-6 when he was a rising sophomore. He's still 5-6 as a senior, and that may still even be generous.

But if anyone were going to overcome height issues, it would be Jon "Deuce" Gruden II. 

He had short ... err ... quick work Friday night in the team's season-opener at Daytona Beach Father Lopez, routing the Green Wave 57-12. Gruden was 5-of-6 passing for 184 yards and two touchdowns of 62 and 73 yards. By halftime it was 50-6 and Gruden was done.

"I like to run people over," Gruden recently told Eddie Daniels of the Tampa Tribune. "I got my bench (press) up to 350, so I'm not scared of anybody."

His coach certainly likes the young Gruden's mentality and toughness.

"Do you really want to play for a quarterback who won't tuck it up and go the last three yards for a touchdown?" Carrollwood Day coach Lane McLaughlin told the Tribune. "Deuce is going to run over somebody or he's going to take the hit."

Unfortunately for these guys, it's the hits off the field that are harder to take.


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