In a televised interview, former Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard rips his former teammates, calling them players "nobody wanted."

Like an abusive ex-husband on The Maury Povich Show, Dwight Howard can’t seem to get enough cheap shots in at his former love, the Orlando Magic and this community.

In a recent television interview, Howard lamented the Magic teams he played on were “full of people who nobody wanted. “

Um, right.

That would be the same group of nobodies who helped Howard and the Magic advance to the NBA Finals in 2009, the Eastern Conference Finals in 2010, and a first-round appearance in 2011.

Yep, a bunch of scrubs.

Howard, now into his second phase of trying to screw up team chemistry, this time with the Los Angeles Lakers, also had the gall to say  that he “was the leader and I led that team with a smile on my face.”  

Howard didn’t lead the team in anything but insubordination, unless you want to include his leadership style in trying to get his coach fired during his team-wrecking Season of Indecision in 2011.

Once again, Howard never has been, and probably never will be a leader. He is a great player consumed with public perception. He wants everybody to love him and adore him, even when he acts like a petulant jerk.

All you have to do is ask Kobe Bryant about his "leadership" style.

Howard will be back here with the Lakers Tuesday night at the Amway Center. I am sure he will get a warm reception from guys he stabbed in the back, like his former BFF Jameer Nelson.

Feel free to get your own cheap shots in Magic fans. Screaming and jeering and booing will be worth the price of admission.

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