Twas the night before an Orlando sports Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through sports,

Coach Santa was stressing the published reports,

The pundits and critics were sealing his fate,

Santa's North Pole Gators had just finished 4-8.

Angry fans spewed venom while nestled in their seats,

"Fire the bum and put him out on the streets!

"We want a coach who gives us holiday elation,

"Not an offense ranked 110 in the nation!"

Coach Santa fired back at those who treated him like dirt,

"Hey, morons, I had 22 starting elves and half of 'em were hurt!

"Do you ingrates realize I built Christmas into what it's become?

"Who else could conjure up visions of a dancing sugar plum?"

Sadly, Santa could see the writing on the wall,

He'd seen too many coaches who'd taken the fall.

But since he was a right magical little elf,

With the wink of an eye, he transformed himself!

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