Tim Tebow still refuses to believe his NFL career is over

Tim Tebow, now an SEC analyst, still dreams of returning to an NFL career

Tim Tebow still wants to be an NFL quarterback.

That's not surprising, considering how much of his life he's dedicated toward that goal.

But he's also behaving like it's actually going to happen, even though he's been out of the league for a year and essentially hasn't played in two years (can't really count that season with the New York Jets, now can we?).

While visiting Nashville for a speaking engagement late last month, Tebow got several receivers from the local indoor team to run routes for him.

"I'm training every day and feel like I'm the best that I've ever been," Tebow told the Tennessean. "I still love it, love playing, talking about it, and I'm just excited about whatever the future holds. Who knows what could happen? But I'm excited about it, though."

So inspirational, although maybe a little sad as well.

Either way, the former Heisman Trophy winner is doing more these days than just dreaming about playing in the NFL. He'll be on "SEC Nation," the two-hour game-day show on the SEC Network.

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