Rob Ryan can't land an NFL head-coaching gig? That's sheer madness

Rob Ryan needs to get a haircut if he ever wants to become a head coach in the NFL.

So says Chris Mortensen, who reported Monday on ESPN's "NFL Insiders" that "several NFL executives," including an owner, told him as much about the New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator and his flowing silver locks.

"It is about image for these guys," Mortensen said. "They want a CEO-type. That's what they want."

We're talking about a guy with quite a resume here -- he's been the defensive coordinator for four NFL teams and this year lifted a Saints team that ranked 32nd in the league in yards allowed and 31st in points given up before he got there to fourth in both categories.

Plus, he's the son of former Eagles and Cardinals coach Buddy Ryan and twin brother of current Jets Coach Rex Ryan. It's in his blood.

And those muckety mucks don't want him just because of his hair?

Well, as weak as that may sound, they are the ones who call the shots.

And if he only thing standing between the 51-year-old Ryan and an NFL head coaching job (and all the financial rewards that come with it) is a trip to the barbershop, well, maybe it's time for him to reexamine his priorities.

Seriously, dude, just get a haircut.


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