USC fans have reason to question NCAA; defending Fresno; overrating UCLA

You also might be right. The Bruins are beat up and limp into Eugene on Saturday and may start three offensive linemen who were in high school last year.

Your Bruins are 5-4 in their last nine games, have lost three straight to Stanford and got blown out by Baylor in the Holiday Bowl.

But you may get your UCLA citizenship revoked for not trying to inflate your team's worthiness. You wouldn't last a week in the Southeastern Conference.

Did you watch the Florida State vs. Clemson game? If you did, you know FSU has a really good player at tight end: Nick O'Leary. He is the grandson of famous golfer Jack Nicklaus. He is a terrific blocker. Stays with his man until the whistle blows.

Gilbert Gildea

It doesn't surprise me one bit because Grandpa Jack was an excellent all-around athlete who could have played football at Ohio State.

Woody Hayes was a family friend, but told Jack to focus on golf.

Good advice.

Nick O'Leary is having a good junior season for Florida State, with 16 catches for 293 yards and five touchdowns.

Here's what Coach Jimbo Fisher said this week about Jack's grandson: "I think he's being much more consistent. I think he's learning blocking, on the ball, off the ball, being able to move. I think his routes have gotten better because of the knowledge of the offense .… We're allowing a lot of freedom and how we're getting him the ball and it's working."

Who selected the College Football Selection Committee?

Fred Zepeda

It was the college football commissioners, I think with help from the Keebler Elves.


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