Newsome agreed. Finding a linebacker was one of the Ravens' biggest needs.

"Hardy and Phillips? That was a real tough one," said Newsome. "It would have been Hardy."

The Ravens didn't have to make that choice, but they had some tempting offers to trade up before their pick.

Each team is allowed 15 minutes to make its choice in the first round, and while Jacksonville was debating its No. 2 pick, the Jaguars kept phoning the Ravens about trading up to Jacksonville's slot.

Arizona had similar thoughts. The Cardinals called Baltimore about swapping the third and fourth picks, and reportedly offered the Ravens two mid- to late-round picks. The Ravens declined, but Arizona was not finished.

Newsome said the Cardinals' table was next to Baltimore's at the draft headquarters in New York. The Cardinals wrote Phillips' name on their selection card and announced it loud enough for the Baltimore contingent to hear.

The Ravens didn't fall for the bluff.

Once the Cardinals chose Rice, Baltimore did some bluffing of its own. The Ravens waited until two minutes were left before announcing they were choosing Ogden.

"No one called us during our time, and we didn't call out," said Modell. "Every team uses their 15 minutes in the hopes they think some team will call up and offer their piggy bank [a better deal]. No piggy bank."

The Ravens chose to invest in Ogden, who some experts compare to former Cincinnati Bengals tackle Anthony Munoz.

"He was the cleanest of all the guys on the board," said Newsome in a rare slip.

Ravens coach Ted Marchibroda said: "We think Ogden is very rare. As big as he is, he can run. This is the finest lineman I've seen block down field, especially for his size."

The addition of Ogden gives the Ravens one the biggest offensive lines in football. Jones weighs 295, center Steve Everitt is 290, right guard Jeff Blackshear at 323 and right tackle Orlando Brown is 340.

"If they want to spend the fourth pick on me being a guard, I don't care as long as I'm playing," said Ogden. "I've been a tackle my entire life, but I know the line is solid right now, and I'm sure they have plans to move me to tackle eventually."