"I couldn't have managed it otherwise," Allanson said.

The loan was a no-brainer, Ogden said.

"He [Allanson] has been the most influential man in my life besides my dad."

Nor is Ogden averse to opening his wallet when it comes to creature comforts and a few playthings. His $2.1 million house outside Las Vegas has five gas fireplaces, heated floors and an elevator, a luxury he feels obliged to defend.

"A few more years of football and I might need [the elevator]," he said.

"Besides, it can't hurt the resale value."

The house sits on the cusp of the 14th green of a golf course. Ogden loves golf. He and Kema, his wife of three years, were wed there beside the clubhouse. He owns 10 drivers, seven sets of irons and a golf cart with purple seats and a big 75 (his jersey number) painted on the side.

"I need more clubs," he said. "If I'm going to be bad at golf, it won't be because the equipment is bad but because I stink."

Said neighbor Phil Gordon, to whom Ogden loses regularly: "He's a fierce competitor, but not a great putter. I think it's because his head is so far from the ball."

Ogden might be better at poker, said Gordon, himself a professional poker player. Ogden has won as much as $5,000 in one sitting.

"You see him and think, `big oaf,' but you can lose a lot of money underestimating him," Gordon said. "At the table, he shows aggressiveness, patience, courage and resilience, the same qualities that serve him well in football.

"If he were a more normal size, he'd make a great stockbroker."

But he's not on Wall Street. For another year or two, Ogden - who turns 33 in nine days - will play football. Which is something that Jayden, his 2-year-old, is just starting to understand.

At home, when they watch football, Jayden will toddle up to the TV, point to the screen and say, "Daddy?"

"Yes, that's what I do, son."

But it's not who he is.

"People see Jonathan and think football is everything to him, but it never has been," said Akers, who played five years in the NFL. "It all comes down to family and the foundation that was laid for him.

"With [Ogden], life is more about being a person than a player."