Ravens defensive tackle Cory Redding

Cory Redding (93) is staying home this summer with his wife and three children, including a son that was born in May. (Baltimore Sun photo by Algerina Perna / May 9, 2010)

The dog days of summer are usually a hoot for the Ravens.

For about four weeks, the players have carte blanche to enjoy what little respite they have before the start of training camp, which rolls into the regular season and -- they hope -- the playoffs.

Defensive tackle Cory Redding has a good reason for staying home this summer. He and his wife welcomed their third child, a boy, in May.

"So we're staying home," Redding said. "We're not going anywhere. I'm staying here and hanging out with the kids for the most part."

But Redding did say that he would take some time for a little R & R.

"I'll probably go hit the golf course a couple times and relax and get a workout in to stay fit," he said. "I just basically want to enjoy time with my family because once training camp hits, there's a lockdown for four, five, six months."

Hitting the links

After completing a couple of kicking camps in Boise and Des Moines, Billy Cundiff is planning to take his wife, Nicole, and two children to northern Arizona and Coronado, Calif.

But the crowning moment will take place in July when Cundiff stands on the first tee at Pebble Beach, where the U.S. Open was just played.

"We know somebody up there, and we're going to go," he said. "It's really, really nice, and now that they have the Open, it's even better. If I even stay under [a score of] 120, I'll be pretty happy."

It won't be all fun and games, according to Cundiff.

"Wherever we go, I'll bring a bag of balls and my kicking shoes and find a place to work out," he said.

Group vacation

Running backs Jalen Parmele and Matt Lawrence took significant others to the Cayman Islands on June 20.

"We'll be there for about a week," Parmele said before the trip. "It'll be my first time."

Parmele said the foursome would stay at an all-inclusive resort adjacent to the ocean.

"We're staying on the beach," Parmele said. "We'll do a lot of relaxing, but we'll definitely go out and get into the water and do some kind of activity."

Venturing to Vegas?

Linebacker Dannell Ellerbe doesn't have any concrete plans, but he acknowledged that he was considering a trip to Las Vegas.