Belichick's widow, Jeannette, is still living in Annapolis, but was not available to comment.

Wolf's friendship with Belichick continued right up until Belichick's death. Wolf said he was supposed to have lunch with Belichick a few days after he died. The details of the game were not the only things Belichick imparted.

Shortly after he moved to Annapolis in 2001, Wolf received a long list from the old coach.

"Places to go eat, places to get my hair cut, bank, he even sent me the address of where to get my license changed," Wolf said. "I would say there were 25 places for me to check out. It was very thorough and very helpful."

The personality Welsh sees the younger Belichick display with his monosyllabic answers is much different from what he remembers from his former assistant and trusted aide.

"Very gregarious and very likable," Welsh recalled.

Others have said over the years that the younger Belichick is much like his father. Kuberski, who credits the elder Belichick for helping him get noticed by NFL scouts and coaches, including his son, believes that the Patriots coach would love the anonymity that his father once had.

Though he doesn't know the Patriots' coach, Wolf said: "There's an old saying, 'The [apple] doesn't fall to far from the tree,' and that would apply here. … [Steve] was just like his son, exceptional attention to detail, devotion to detail. There was no shortcut. There was one way to do it, and that's the way it was done."

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