"He's played well," Harbaugh said. "He played really well during minicamp when he was carrying more weight. He's really taken a lot of the weight off. I don't have the exact number, but it's significantly down. It's very close to his target."

Ravens keeping score in practice

An addition to training camp this year has been a full scoreboard that can keep track of scoring, not just the time on the game clock and the play clock. Harbaugh and the coaching staff have been awarding points to either the offense or the defense throughout practice.

"The general philosophy is competing," Harbaugh said. "We are keeping score. We are competing in everything we do. And we want to get as good as we can get."

Defensive quality control coach Matt Weiss and football video operations coordinator Drew Wilkins watched the team's practice tape from the past two years and tape of NFL games to develop a scoring system based on NFL averages in certain situations. A successful play typically nets either the offense or the defense a point. But multiple points can be rewarded in high-leverage situations, such as a third-and-10 conversion for the offense.

An added benefit, Harbaugh said, is that "there's less room for arguing at the end because there's a scoreboard now."

End zone

Kicker Justin Tucker attempted a 71-yard field goal near the end of practice, but the kick came up a few yards short. Asked about Tucker's miss, Harbaugh deadpanned: "I was really disappointed with the 71-yard miss. We'll have to get in him the weight room after that." The NFL record is 63 yards. … Harbaugh said former Maryland tight end Matt Furstenburg has "really improved" since minicamp and is "playing himself into a possible opportunity to make the team." … Owner Steve Bisciotti attended a camp practice for the first time this summer.