Meanwhile, Suggs — or "Sizzle," as his teammates call him — is a movie and music buff who doesn't shy away from the nightlife. While Ngata "just likes to be quiet," Suggs' voice reverberates everywhere. Yet the two are inseparable, especially, Ngata says, at the team facility, where "I can't go by myself to do anything or he can't, and if one of us does, we get on each other pretty bad."

"If I told my wife I was with Haloti, she wouldn't worry about a thing," Suggs said. "She'd say, 'All right, you guys have fun.' He's a real good person to be around, especially if you want to stay out of trouble. The man doesn't even curse. Haloti is a big teddy bear, and everybody knows he's an amazing family man. But when Haloti is in pads and he has a helmet on, there's no more gentle giant. He's ferocious."

Their relationship has become a source of great amusement among their teammates. During lulls in training camp, Ngata and Suggs stood off to the side trying to toss footballs into garbage cans. When players would run sprints across the field, Suggs and Ngata were in the middle of the pack, pushing each other and grabbing each other's jersey to try to gain an edge.

"When they are both together, you never know what's going to happen," Cody said. "Sizz is the more outspoken one, but you have to keep your eye on Haloti. Sizz is kind of the distraction, and Haloti is the enforcer. He comes in and cleans up."

But not everything is fun and games. When Suggs and Ngata are in the sauna or cold tub, the conversational inevitably steers toward their respective families. Suggs and his wife have two kids, while Ngata's wife is due with a third.

"A lot of times, it's just making sure that we're both OK, not only on the field but at home," Ngata said. "He's always asked me for advice on marriage and being a father. I'm just proud of the way he's grown to being the man that he has to his wife and the father he is to his kids. We always talk about when we're retired, we want to have our kids call each other uncle and things like that."

Ngata, of course, knows that's for another day. Helped by an improved defensive line, Ngata feels there is another level his game could reach. Suggs declined to make any predictions about his 2013 season, but he's clearly buoyed by being healthy again and the addition of another top pass rusher in Elvis Dumervil.

Seven months later after reaching the pinnacle of their sport, Suggs and Ngata are as determined as ever to do it again. That road starts tonight against Peyton Manning and the Broncos.

"Last year's team achieved some great things, but why settle for that when you have the opportunity to do it again?" Suggs said. "As long as I got air in my lungs, I'm going to try and win another one. The first one is great, but I'd guarantee you the second one feels better."