So he signed with the team and began his transformation as a kicker, all while engaged in a spirited training camp competition with Cundiff, the incumbent.

"The thing that was remarkable — yet not necessarily surprising, because he's a smart guy — is he understood the fact that if he wanted to do this, he's going to have to make some changes and he made those changes dramatically fast," Rosburg said. "We had a meeting in which we explained to him what we thought he needed to do to be a consistent kicker, not just a kicker. And the next morning, he started in on it."

Tucker likes to say that he is a completely different kicker than he was when he first tried out for the Ravens. He approaches the ball in an entirely different manner, and his aiming point has changed. But that aggressive leg swing that first caught Rosburg's attention that day in Austin, Texas, remains unchanged, as does the confidence and competitiveness that has Tucker believing he'll make every kick.

"I'm not one to believe in superstitions or jinxes or curses or anything like that," Tucker said. "I believe in working hard, living right and putting God and family first. As long as we're doing those things, we'll give ourselves a chance."

Name, Team     Acquired     Career FGs (pct.)     50-plus yards
Randy Bullock, Texans     5th round     22-for-31 (.709)     1-for-5
Justin Tucker, Ravens     Undrafted     59-for-64 (.922)     8-for-9
Blair Walsh, Vikings     6th round     57-for-63 (.905)     12-for-14
Greg Zuerlein, Rams     6th round     42-for-52 (.808)     7-for-14