In most cases, the Ravens' defensive backs will be giving up four to five inches in height to the Chargers' receivers.

"It's a typical San Diego team, they're 6-4, 6-5 guys that can build speed as they go down the field," Pees said. "They've got a 50-50 chance of getting it because they're big."

As far as strong safety Bernard Pollard is concerned, nothing has really changed since last season's encounter.

"We're in the same position," Pollard said. "The Chargers are so much better than their record, and their offense is explosive. They can still stretch the field.

"They've got a competitive quarterback, one of the best when he's hot. We have to shut him up. We have to stop them from doing what they do best. We know what happened last year."

How could the Ravens forget?

They allowed the Chargers to pile up 415 yards of total offense and 23 first downs and didn't force a turnover.

The Chargers scored 27 unanswered points before former Maryland wide receiver Torrey Smith caught a 36-yard touchdown pass from Flacco late in the fourth quarter with the game already decided.

"It was embarrassing," Cody said. "It's motivation because we know we're a better team than that. We have no excuses for that performance."

Although Pees downplayed the concept of gaining revenge, he acknowledged how much last year's game stung.

"Everybody always talks about the revenge factor, but it's really not the revenge factor," Pees said. "Revenge factor is really when you have a hatred for another team.

"I think they certainly got our attention and our respect, not that they didn't already have it going into that game. It just shows if you don't play your best they can embarrass you, and they did."