Pierce isn't aiming toward any specific statistics for this season, but has ambitions of himself and Rice collaborating as an even more dangerous rushing threat.

"That's a goal," said Pierce, who's entering the second year of a $2.655 million contract. "I'm not a selfish person. I don't think of myself. A goal of mine is for us to be one of the best tandems in the league this year."

It hasn't been an entirely smooth offseason for Pierce, though.

The 23-year-old was recently the victim of an armed robbery and carjacking in Philadelphia where his 2013 BMW was stolen at gunpoint in the 7500 block of Haverford Ave. Pierce, who was visiting friends and eating pizza when the crime occurred, was unharmed, according to Pierce's agent, Marty Magid.

"Bernard's fine," Magid said. "It's not the best situation, but he's good. It's a shame something like this happens."

No arrests have been made in an ongoing investigation since the car was recovered in another part of the city, a Philadelphia Police Department spokeswoman told The Baltimore Sun on Friday afternoon.

Pierce hasn't commented on the incident, maintaining total silence on social media ever since the carjacking.

Magid said Pierce is completely focused on contributing even more as the Ravens attempt to defend their Super Bowl XLVII title.

As Pierce said in June, he's eyeing steady improvement.

"I just want to build on what I've done so far," Pierce said. "As long as I don't go backwards, I'm good."