With Joe Flacco now 'elite,' Ravens can turn focus to others

There are a number of scenarios that will be played out now that Flacco has agreed to terms. It was the final domino to set things in motion.

Until the contract is turned into the league and all the fine print is read, we don't know how much it will affect the Ravens' salary cap, but the team might not have to release veterans like wide receiver Anquan Boldin or fullback Vonta Leach, or restructure deals for outside linebacker Terrell Suggs and defensive tackle Haloti Ngata.

You have to be careful with players like Boldin or Leach. They are tough guys who have just as much value in the locker room as they have on the field.

As for restructuring the contracts of Suggs or Ngata, both would be risks because reworking their deals would cost a lot of upfront money for players whose bodies are breaking down.

Before the Flacco deal, we were seemingly light years away from seeing some of these things unfold. We just waited and waited and waited.

But now the time is here.

An above average Joe is elite and the big picture should become a lot clearer soon.


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