Ray Rice remains the one constant with the Ravens' offense

When the Ravens offensive line decided to take days off against Philadelphia and Kansas City, it was Rice who came up big even though the Ravens under used him against the Eagles. Often, he makes a lot out of nothing.

When Flacco is usually hot, it is off play action fakes to Rice which puts all the defensive players in a one second holding pattern.

There's one other thing. As the defense continues to give up big yardage every week, it might be more of an advantage for the Ravens to give them a rest by resorting to a running game instead of slinging it 56 times a game.

The assumption here is that the Ravens will stay pass happy, and I can live with that as long as the wins continue early in the season.

But my concern is that in crunch time the Ravens will rely more on passing instead of going with the top weapon on the team. It will be up to Harbaugh to pull the plug.

There can be balance as far as the run versus pass ratio, but the most consistent performer and the biggest plays still comes from the smallest guy on offense.

This is still Ray Rice's offense.


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