Ravens should point fingers at themselves, not officials, for loss to Eagles

They said the officials were too inconsistent and didn't take charge, which led to a lot of pushing and shoving on the field ...

On and on it went ...

But if the Ravens had taken care of their own business, they wouldn't have lost. It wasn't a blown communication by an official that led to Jeremy Maclin's 23-yard touchdown reception, but one between cornerback Cary Williams and safety Ed Reed.

It wasn't head linesman Michael Bell who hurdled Reed after a catch, but tight end Brent Celek. The officials didn't stop the Ravens from getting constant pressure on Vick, and they didn't allow the Eagles to pile up 486 yards of total offense.

Referee Robert Frazer didn't throw a pass in the game, but quarterback Joe Flacco was only 8-for-25 in the second half. Side judge Steve Hendley may have blown some calls, but not as many as the Ravens' offensive staff, who forgot about Ray Rice and the running game — especially in the second half, especially at crunch time.

If the Ravens can go on and on, so can I ...

Enough, please.

Until further notice, the replacement officials are here to stay. Every week, there are going to be questionable calls, but the Ravens should not allow the officials to get so deep into their psyche that it affects their performance on the field.

In the season opener against Cincinnati, those officials were bad, but the Ravens won and no one complained.

It should be that way after a loss, too.


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