We've seen this matchup before, and Ravens will win again

San Francisco's offensive line is fun to watch. The 49ers remind me of the old Green Bay Packers in the 1960s. They pull tackles and guards on sweeps and tosses, and they trap aggressive defensive linemen inside. And they just muscle up and grind teams.

The Pistol offense is fun to watch, but the Ravens played against it when they faced Washington. They struggled after the first two series, but then they shut down quarterback Robert Griffin III.

San Francisco's Colin Kaepernick is a lot like Griffin in style. Both are fantastic runners, as well as throwers, and Kaepernick loves to throw deep.

Receiver Michael Crabtree leads the 49ers in receptions, but he's more of an intermediate threat. Randy Moss is the vertical guy, but more of a decoy than a primary target. Tight end Vernon Davis is excellent, but I like his matchup with Bernard Pollard and Ed Reed. And if Reed stays disciplined and plays the deep third as well as he has in the post season, the 49ers will stay with the short stuff.

When the Ravens played San Francisco on Thanksgiving 2011, that's how they stopped the 49ers. They made then quarterback Alex Smith play short ball which is what they have done to Peyton Manning and Tom Brady this post season.

In that game, the Ravens also stuck with the run and pounded the 49ers. They'll do it again Sunday night, but now they have more proven weapons on the outside.

We've seen this game played out before — only this time it's the Super Bowl. And this time John Harbaugh wins the Lombardi Trophy instead of just bragging rights.


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