Ravens aren't pretty, but they find ways to win

Suggs can play the run, but the acceleration during pass rushing situations isn't there and probably won't be until late in the season or next year.

No no-huddle?

It's interesting to see where the no-huddle offense will take the Ravens this season. They didn't run it in the first half until after Rice caught a 31 yard pass down to the Pittsburgh 40 late in the first quarter.

The Ravens went to the no-huddle to open the third quarter and it doesn't seem it will be the standard offense anymore offense on the road unless it is absolutely necessary.


Strangest call of the first half by the Ravens occurred on a third and 14 at the Ravens 38 with about seven minutes left in the second period. The Ravens ran a quick screen to receiver Jacoby Jones that resulted in minus three yards.

For a team which prides itself in saying it loves to attack, this play had no imagination or any chance of succeeding.

Special teams star

Reserve safety James Ihedigbo may have replaced Brendon Ayanbadejo as the Ravens best special teams performer. This guy is all over the field and always one of the first ones down the field to cover a kick or punt.

Plus, he is downright nasty. He crushed Leftwich for a sack in the fourth quarter that forced the Steelers to punt.

Tough call

The NFL is trying to cut down on the number of concussions and injuries, but it might have to re-think some of these penalties about helmet-to-helmet contact.

Some of the hits are unavoidable. When Ravens safety Ed Reed was called for unsportsmanlike conduct on Pittsburgh receiver Emmanuel Sanders after a 20-yard reception in the third quarter, there was no way Reed could have turned his head because there wasn't enough time.

I think referees have to start considering the circumstances around the play instead of just making the call because the commissioner sent down a memo telling them to call anything that was in question.

Enough with the old-timers

Ever notice that whenever the Ravens play Pittsburgh the Steelers bring back their old players of yester-year to honor them?

I understand they are trying to get the crowd worked up, but it's getting old. Bring them back when the Cleveland Browns come to town.


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