Ravens need to know when to say when with the passing game

Rice finished with nine carries for 42 yards, and it made no sense for the best offensive player on the team to rarely touch the ball.

Even more ludicrous was that the Ravens kept throwing while having a bad day. You could see the fear in Flacco's eyes from getting hit. You could see the nervousness in his feet when he dropped back.

He looked the same way last year in the postseason against Houston.

But it's just not the inconsistency of Flacco which should force the Ravens to pull the plug at times, but the play of the defense as well.

The Ravens can't stop anybody. Teams are running and passing against the Ravens while compiling record numbers, and the defense can't get off the field. In the past two games, the opposition has had the ball nearly 37 minutes more than the Ravens.

If the Ravens defense can't slow them down, maybe a run-dominated offense can. Right now, that has to be an option.

It's the bye week. Just about everything should be on the table for discussion. The Ravens are 5-2, and the goal is to get better every game. That hasn't happened.

To achieve that, they had to know when to slow the game down. If not, the Ravens will only go as far as Flacco's arm will take them.

That might not be far enough, especially without Rice.


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