Ravens haven't missed out on much this offseason

Now, the Ravens have to make a decision on Reed. What is the price and limit for tolerating some of his antics? Reed was a part of a group of players that complained and were critical of Harbaugh.

There was speculation during the regular season that the Ravens wouldn't invite Reed back once it was over, and that appeared near certain once Lewis announced his retirement.

Harbaugh was going to clean The Castle of all malcontents.

Harbaugh is old school. He wants tough, hard-nosed players who practice hard, but also ones that operate within the team concept.

Lewis was that way, but also a player who could disrupt a team if he didn't get his way which is why he never came off the field despite being a liability on passing situations during the last five years he played.

Reed is often moody. His relationship with Harbaugh improved during the last two years, but possibly not to the point where Harbaugh wants to keep him around, especially at a high price. The Ravens are probably being polite to Reed in negotiations, but not serious.

Both receiver Anquan Boldin and safety Bernard Pollard were tough guys on the field, but also regarded as rebels and constant complainers.

Boldin was traded to the 49ers after declining to take a $2 million pay cut and Pollard was cut earlier this week.

Pollard had also become a liability in pass coverage, but there is a pattern here.

If Harbaugh had brought back all of these players with the exception of Lewis there probably would be an implosion. M & T Bank Stadium couldn't have housed all the egos again.

Give Harbaugh credit. He made it work through the years and still managed to win a championship.

But now it's time to move on. The Ravens have successfully made the transition from a defensive team to one which is carried by offense. In the meantime, they have to rebuild a defense which is in need of a defensive tackle, middle linebacker and a safety, possibly two.

But there is still a lot of time remaining before training camp starts and the Ravens have one of the best organizations in the NFL.

The Ravens don't make many mistakes and they haven't this offseason. They are being punished for their own success. They have some great players who are eating up a lot of the salary cap, but a lot of the good ones get away.

It's no big deal, though, just another ho-hum day at the office for the Ravens.


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