Sunday's games

Ravens at Patriots

Giants at 49ers

Kevin Cowherd

2-2 last week

180-84 overall

Ravens 27, Patriots 24

I agonized over this one. Studied both teams, had a few beers, decided the Ravens defense can contain Tom Brady and Ray Rice will have another big day against the Patriots woeful defense. Unless that's the beer talking.

Giants 24, 49ers 17

The Giants have the hot quarterback in Eli Manning, an offense that put up 61 points in the last two games, and a great pass rush. And they beat the mighty Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field last week. Their confidence level is off the charts.

Edward Lee

3-1 last week

171-93 overall

Patriots 35, Ravens 20

With the offense's underwhelming performance against the Texans after a bye, how are the Ravens supposed to figure out the Patriots with just one week of preparation? UGGs over Suggs.

Giants 28, 49ers 24

Eli Manning will overtake his brother as the better Manning, and the Super Bowl will go Harbaugh-less for at least this year.

Mike Preston

2-2 last week