He's a mystery man

Dan Pompei

Chicago Tribune

Terrelle Pryor is a total wild card in the NFL's supplemental draft. Most teams have no use for him because he is an unconventional quarterback who is inconsistent as a decision maker and a thrower. A few teams might fall in love with his athleticism and define him to be a poor man's Cam Newton. Another handful might project him to be a wide receiver.

It's difficult to imagine Pryor being taken before the third round of the draft or after the fifth.

Best-case scenario, he is a developmental project who can help a team as a package player but won't be ready to start for a couple of years.

Worst-case scenario, he is a man without a position. Because of his history of production and his combination of size and speed, Pryor cannot be completely dismissed as a pro prospect.


Not worth investment

Nick Fierro

Morning Call

Any NFL team that takes a chance on Terrelle Pryor with anything higher than a fifth-round pick in the supplemental draft ought to be immediately investigated more thoroughly than Ohio State was.

The guy has been nothing but trouble, and there's no reason to believe that pattern will change once he turns pro. Wait a minute, what am I saying? He turned pro a long time ago, along with a good many of his Buckeyes teammates.

Anyway, the talent is there. There's no denying that. But until he grows up and stops just playing for himself, and there's considerable doubt here that he will in time to salvage any kind of a career, he's not worth the time or energy to even try to develop.


Teams won't fight

Sam Farmer

Los Angeles Times

As gifted an athlete as Terrelle Pryor is, he would be a major project as an NFL quarterback, one who would require at least two years of work to contribute at that position.