Philadelphia won't be a walk in the park

It'll be interesting, too, to see what the Ravens' defense does against Eagles quarterback Mike Vick, who looked rusty in that 17-16 win over the Browns.

Bothered by injuries, Vick took just 12 snaps in preseason games. Nevertheless, the Eagles let him throw so many passes (56) against the Browns his arm almost fell off. He also had four picks — two were tipped — and looked lost much of the afternoon.

Naturally, Eagles fans were sympathetic about their quarterback having a bad day.

Why, it took almost 20 seconds before the Twitterverse exploded with angry calls to yank Vick and bring in Nick Foles, the rookie backup from Arizona. And the baying about Vick on talk radio the next day was non-stop, even after he drove the Eagles 91 yards for the winning touchdown with 1:18 to play.

But the Ravens know how good Vick can be when he's on his game.

"It's no secret who this guy is," Ray Lewis said. "This guy is fantastic with the football, without the football, however you want to deal with it."

The Ravens will have to deal with a lot if they want to win today. The no-huddle offense will have to deal with the noise and the Eagles defense. And the Ravens D will have to deal with Vick and LeSean McCoy, the Eagles' terrific running back, who ran for 110 yards on 20 carries against Cleveland, yet also finds himself in a "is LeSean happy?" controversy after the Eagles passed 56 times.

He just signed a contract in May for $45 million over five years.

I bet he's happy enough, too.

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