Cowherd: Ravens fans shouldn't panic over loss of players

Kruger gets a five-year, $40.5 million deal with the Cleveland Browns? With one season (actually seven games) as a starter? That's crazy money, even for a pass rusher.

Ellerbe got overpaid, too, at five years and $35 million from the Miami Dolphins. In the past, he was a knucklehead about team rules and battled injuries, too, leading to questions about his durability.

But he was just coming into his own as an inside linebacker, which means he's being paid for his upside as much as anything else. So maybe the Dolphins weren't completely crazy giving him that kind of deal.

Anyway, that's for them to find out. Ellerbe wasn't going to get that deal from the Ravens. They couldn't afford it after backing up a Brinks truck to Joe Flacco's house.

As for Boldin, how can you blame the guy for not wanting to take a $2 million pay cut after the big-play postseason he had?

And now he's gone. One month after having a monster postseason, he's been traded to the San Francisco 49ers for a sixth-round draft choice, which is like getting a blocking sled in return.

Oh, you gotta love free agency.

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