Big contract will come with big expectations for Joe Flacco

Did it surprise anyone that he showed up Monday in a zip-up sweater rather than a pricey suit to sign his new contract and meet with the media?

Could anybody who's followed Flacco's career be shocked that he stopped at that McDonald's drive-thru in Aberdeen for a 10-piece McNuggets and fries after signing that big deal?

Where did you think he'd go: the Four Seasons downtown? That wouldn't be Flacco. I'm surprised he didn't get a Coke and a bag of chips out of a vending machine on I-95 on the way home to New Jersey.

Finally, the Ravens are betting all that loot won't change Flacco's preparation and his workout habits, either.

He remains, by all accounts, a classic gym rat. He'd rather hang out at the Castle and throw the football around and study film than do almost anything else, the Ravens say.

Know what he's looking forward to now that he's signed that big contract?

A fancy cruise of the Mediterranean? An expensive trip to Paris?

No, offseason workouts.


"It's good to be around your guys and just have that locker room camaraderie and get out there and run a couple of routes and get everybody going," he said Monday before bolting out the door for those McNuggets.

Enjoy it while you can, Joe. Because next season, it'll be "what have you done for me lately?" all over again in this town.

Only this time, they'll be saying it much, much louder.

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