Cowherd: Hey Ozzie, Ravens fans are ready for Flacco to get his contract

Joe Flacco

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco runs onto the field after the Super Bowl victory. (JIM YOUNG, REUTERS / February 4, 2013)

Ozzie Newsome, you can make it stop.

All this talk about Joe Flacco's contract that's consuming Ravens Nation? As the Ravens' general manager, you can make it all go away.

Just pay the man. Get a deal done so Ravens fans can go back to their lives. Get it done so they can stop vibrating with anxiety over the whole thing.

Ozzie, this is how bad it is. I have priests stopping me on the street to talk about what kind of hit Flacco's deal will have on the Ravens' salary cap.

I have little old ladies asking me whether Flacco should get an exclusive franchise tag or the nonexclusive one.

Whatever happened to playing Bingo?

Or hitting the Early Bird Special for the filet mignon?

And it cuts across all ages, Ozzie. All walks of life, too.

I just talked to Teri Litofsky, 44, a huge fan who went to the Super Bowl in New Orleans and watched the confetti rain down on the Ravens.

Now she stresses about how much Flacco is going to cost.

"He's got a lot of bargaining power," Litofsky says. "Cause he's got the ring."

Did I mention she's a physical therapist at Good Samaritan Hospital? I should probably mention that.

And guess what they talk about every day around the ol' orthopedic station? Yes, what kind of loot a certain quarterback deserves.

"Definitely," she said. "We have a ton of fans who talk about it — patients and staff."

Ozzie, did you hear that?

People with broken bones, rotator cuff problems and joint replacement issues are talking about Flacco's contract! People who should be focused on their own health!

Instead, they're focused on whether Flacco is worth $20 million a year or whatever ridiculous figure is being tossed about that day.

And they're getting more and more nervous about it.

"They just want it to be over," Litofsky said. They just want to know. It's just lingering. People just have angst over it."

Oh, you bet.

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