Don't bet against Ravens on reclamation projects

The Ravens don't seem terribly interested in the guy who solidified that spot for them during last season's playoffs after being replaced by Michael Oher in the regular season.

Maybe it's McKinnie's age (33). Maybe it's memories of his 2012 training camp, when he reported late, fat and got winded just putting on his shoulder pads.

Maybe it's all the talking he's done lately about wanting a starting job, along with hints he's dropped that the Ravens haven't treated him fairly in that regard.

I don't know, is that a good career move?

Needing a job and bad-mouthing a possible future employer? Young people, I wouldn't recommend that tactic. It's probably not in the "Top 10 Ways to Ace a Job Interview" handbook.

Whatever it is, McKinnie is telling people he doesn't expect to have any more talks with the Ravens until after the draft.

Then, presumably, he'll know if the Ravens drafted a tackle and whether he has a chance to be a starter for this team.

If not, maybe he ends up as a reclamation project somewhere else in the league.

The Ravens don't need another one of those now, that's for sure.

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