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Sun columns on Johnny Unitas

Articles reprinted from The Baltimore Sun.

  • The Golden Arm is on the mend

    Unitas: The legendary quarterback has fabulous memories, but also pain to remind him of his 18-year NFL career.

  • In counting ways Unitas was giant, 47 stands out

    It'll soon be 40 years and John Unitas has hardly been challenged, meaning the unapproached record of throwing a touchdown pass in 47 consecutive games. A mark that seems sacrosanct, almost indelible as his exclusive property. Hundreds of quarterbacks have tried to reach the same, magic number...

  • Streak for the ages

    Unitas: Forty years ago, one of sports' most amazing, but little-known, streaks ended when the Colts quarterback failed to throw for a touchdown.

  • A legend in his own town

    Golden Arm: The Colts' most celebrated player talks about life as a legend, about salaries high and low, and about that other Baltimore NFL football team one that shall remain nameless.