Chicago capitalized with a 23-yard field goal by Robbie Gould, increasing the lead to 10-6.

The Ravens' offense got the ball three more times and never threatened. A holding penalty on third down stalled one drive, and sacks ended two others. Six games into the season, the Ravens are averaging 11.5 points.

"We need to get over that hump where we're executing on a consistent basis," receiver Derrick Mason said. "One drive we're executing and then we don't do anything for three or four drives. In order for us to be a very good offense, we have to be consistent if we want to put more than six points on the board.

"We're averaging 10 points, and in this league that's not going to get you any wins. We have to find a way to score some points; that's our main agenda. Forget everything else. How are we on offense going to score some points? Six points isn't the norm in this league."

The nagging problem has been the regression of the Ravens' once-formidable running attack.

Jamal Lewis, who was limited to 3 yards or fewer on 14 of his 15 attempts, has yet to crack 100 yards in six games, the longest drought of his career. The Bears didn't even have to stack the line of scrimmage, holding Lewis in check with both safeties playing deep.

Without a running game or the opportunity to throw over the top, Wright finished 18-for-32 for 164 yards. He was sacked four times.

"We have to be able to run the ball to be good, there's no two ways about that," Billick said. "The most disappointing thing was our inability to sustain anything running the ball."

The Ravens have to correct these fatal flaws before the toughest stretch of their schedule. Four of their next five games are against the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals, along with a road game against the Jacksonville Jaguars sandwiched in between.

There is a possibility they might have to play in Pittsburgh next Monday night without their top two defensive players, safety Ed Reed and linebacker Ray Lewis. Reed missed his first career game with a high ankle sprain, and Lewis left the field with 8:21 remaining in the fourth quarter with a thigh injury.

"[The Steelers] are probably not taking us seriously; a lot of teams aren't going to take us seriously, especially at this point of the season," Suggs said. "The opportunity is still there. We'd better show up or it's going to be another long night."
A rough road

The Ravens' road woes continued with yesterday's 10-6 loss in Chicago. A look at the statistics from the team's first three road games, all losses that have contributed to the Ravens' 2-4 start:

Opp., Points, Rush yds., Pass yds., Total yds., 3rd-down eff., Pen.-yds.
TITANS, 10, 14, 168, 182, 4-16-25%, 10-73
LIONS, 17, 159, 228, 387, 3-11-27%, 21-147
BEARS, 6, 66, 133, 199, 6-17-35%, 11-100
Avg. 11.0, 79.7, 176.3, 256.0, 29.5%, 14-80.3