"It was a terrible pitch," Reed said. "I usually don't lateral the ball that bad."

Asked whether coach John Harbaugh had to talk to Reed about his mistake, Reed said: "I kind of went up to him and said, 'My bad.' In certain situations, you're supposed to have the ball tucked."

Instead of criticizing Reed, Harbaugh only applauded him after the game and pointed out how Reed affected the victory even more.

In the third quarter, Reed lined up over the slot on the punt team, which drew the attention of the Eagles' blocking to the outside. That opened a clear path for Jameel McClain, who ran unblocked up the middle to block the punt and record a safety.

So, Reed played a role in 16 points being scored (the touchdown the Ravens scored after his first interception, the safety and his interception return for a touchdown).

"I don't know if a guy could play a better football game," Harbaugh said.

Reed's performance is underscored by the fact that he could have decided not to play this season. He has been limited since training camp with a nerve impingement in his neck and left shoulder.

"My doctor told me an average guy wouldn't be playing right now," Reed said.

Reed, though, isn't focused on his injury. He has his sights set on returning to the playoffs and winning his first postseason game.

The Ravens' final five regular-season games are against the Cincinnati Bengals (1-9-1), Washington Redskins (7-4), Steelers, Dallas Cowboys (7-4) and Jacksonville Jaguars (4-7).

"It's going to be a tough road ahead," Reed said. "We've got an uphill battle."
Big play Ed
Some of Ed Reed's biggest plays as a Raven:

Yesterday: Returned interception 108 yards against the Eagles to break his NFL record and seal the victory.

Nov. 5, 2007: Took handoff from cornerback Samari Rolle after an interception to race 25 yards for the score.

Nov. 7, 2004: Returned interception 106 yards against the Cleveland Browns to set an NFL record for longest interception return.

Oct. 10, 2004: Had a sack, forced fumble and fumble return for a touchdown on same play against the Washington Redskins.

Sept. 14, 2003: Intercepted two passes against Browns, returned one 53 yards for a TD.
AFC playoff picture

Division leaders
East: Jets, 8-3

South: Titans, 10-1

North: Steelers, 8-3

West: Broncos, 6-5

Wild-card contenders
Ravens, 7-4

Patriots, 7-4

Colts, 7-4

Bills, 6-5

Dolphins, 6-5