Terrell Suggs

Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs (left) returns an interception of Dolphins quarterback Chad Pennington 44 yards for a touchdown in the second quarter as cornerback Frank Walker follows in his wake. (Baltimore Sun photo by Lloyd Fox / October 19, 2008)

After the Ravens' 27-13 victory over the Miami Dolphins, the Ravens presented the game ball to offensive coordinator Cam Cameron.

But it might as well have been the Dolphins who handed it to their former coach.

The Ravens' three-game losing streak ended for a couple of reasons: The Dolphins threw a costly interception and couldn't deliver one in return.

Those mistakes led to Terrell Suggs' 44-yard interception return for a score and Derrick Mason's 11-yard touchdown catch, which turned the game around in the second quarter and breathed new life into the Ravens (3-3).

"When you tend to lose two or three games in a row, players are only human and they stop believing. So, we got guys believing in here," said Suggs, the Pro Bowl linebacker who called this a "make or break" game last week.

With the score tied at 3, Suggs jumped back to the left flat, where Miami quarterback Chad Pennington threw the ball right to him.

Suggs raced down the sideline for the first touchdown in his six-year career. After falling short in the past, Suggs had to sweat this one, too.

"It's sad to say, I almost got caught at the 1 again," Suggs said.

Luckily, cornerback Frank Walker was trailing right behind to fend off the Dolphins.

Suggs acknowledged that he looked up at the JumboTron.

"I am not Ed Reed, so I don't know that feeling," Suggs said. "I'm looking at the JumboTron and it looked like that first 10 or 15 yards took forever. I heard they almost got me. I got in there, and I think it changed the outcome of the game."

In a reversal of roles, Suggs got the interception because a defensive back got pressure on the quarterback.

Strong safety Jim Leonhard was unblocked blitzing off the edge and nearly pulled down Pennington before the eight-year veteran quarterback made a rookie mistake.

"I had him wrapped up pretty good, [but] I was having a hard time getting him on the ground," Leonhard said. "I knew he wasn't going anywhere. I was surprised that he threw it out."

Suggs wasn't surprised.

It was three weeks ago when Suggs remembered Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger hitting running back Mewelde Moore on a similar play. So, when Suggs saw running back Patrick Cobbs in the left flat, he knew he had to step in between him and Pennington.

The flashback turned into a game-changing runback.

"I was like, next time, I'm going to jump it," Suggs said. "If I miss it, I miss it. If I make it, I'm going to the crib."

It was Suggs' fourth career interception and his first since 2005, a span of 43 games.