The frustration on offense peaked after its second straight three-and-out to open the second half.

Jonathan Ogden was visibly upset as he walked to the sideline, where he engaged in an emotional talk with Billick. The mammoth left tackle didn't seem satisfied when he walked away.

Ogden, who is expected to return after leaving with a hyperextended right knee, wouldn't comment on the specifics of his conversation with Billick, saying only "We've got to all be on the same page."

Billick did little to shed light on the Ravens' offensive troubles in his post-game news conference.

When asked about the passing attack and then quarterback Steve McNair, Billick responded both times with "We're 2-0 and I'll take care of those assessments [today]."

The offense likely will struggle with its cohesiveness as long as McNair remains erratic.

He was 4-for-5 for 50 yards on the Ravens' hurry-up drive in the final minute of the first half, which ended with a 1-yard lob to tight end Todd Heap in the end zone. Besides that series - the Ravens' only legitimate one of the game - he was 12-for-28 for 93 yards.

"I think we took a step back from last week," McNair said. "I think we miscued on some plays we shouldn't have. The defense played excellent and put us in a position to score points. We were in the red zone a lot and we sputtered. We can't do that."

With a defiant defense and a downtrodden offense, the Ravens are looking to go 3-0 for the first time in their team history when they play at the Cleveland Browns on Sunday.

It seems like there will be little margin for error if they want to keep pace with their tough AFC North rivals, the Cincinnati Bengals (2-0) and the Pittsburgh Steelers (1-0).

"Anytime you get out of the gate like this, it's always perfect," linebacker Ray Lewis said. "You don't want to play from behind and you don't want to play catch-up to nobody. You want to control your own destiny. Right now, we have control."