"They got our number today," Rolle said. "I've got to play better, and I think we need this break to get away from it and just refocus."

The most admirable job was done by Boller, the disposed starter who didn't take a single snap with the first-team offense last week. He finished 17-for-31 for 226 yards, throwing three touchdown passes and one interception (a passer rating of 97.0).

There was some luck involved as two of Boller's touchdowns were deflected and landed in the arms of Clayton for scores of 14 and 62 yards.

"After I took a couple of snaps, it got easier; I wasn't thinking about it anymore," Boller said. "I felt very comfortable out there. The game is much easier for me now."

The problem for the offense was that it struggled mightily for most of the game and even when McNair was playing.

McNair completed two of his four passes for 4 yards and threw another interception (his sixth in a span of 61 passes). He was knocked out of the game after getting sandwiched on a sack between defensive end Mike Rucker and middle linebacker Chris Draft.

Even more painful was how the Ravens' defense forced three turnovers in the first three quarters and their offense turned the ball over to Carolina each time.

"We didn't do [anything] on offense until we had to muster up some points at the end," Mason said.

Mason wasn't the only one not afraid to speak his mind.

Running back Jamal Lewis made it known that there is some dissension in the locker room, venting about his reduced role in the offense. He ran for 41 yards on a season-low nine carries.

"We were getting positive yardage up front, and I think we just pumped the brakes on that and didn't just smash on it. It was very disappointing," Lewis said. "I had a 17-yard run and got taken out. I guess I wasn't hot enough. Everyone wants to know where the old Jamal Lewis went and where he's at. You get a 17-yard run and then they take you out."

The Ravens obviously have some issues on and off the field to address during their extra week off.

"The bye week couldn't have come at a better time," defensive end Terrell Suggs said. "We aren't flustered. We're 4-2, not 2-4. There's no need to hit the panic button."