"It's frustrating," Ryan said. "We thought we would play a hell of a lot better than we did. You have to give them credit. Manning made the plays. It definitely was their day and not our day."

On the first touchdown, McAlister appeared to bite on a play-action fake, allowing receiver Marvin Harrison to run past him. The wide-open Harrison easily caught the 67-yard pass for the score, recording the biggest play against a Ravens defense that hadn't given up a pass of more than 49 yards this season.

"They came out and made the plays and we didn't," McAlister said. "Can't sit there and say we didn't expect it. Just didn't execute."

Was McAlister expecting someone - like Reed - to provide coverage deep behind him?

"I don't remember the coverage," Ryan said.

On the second touchdown, receiver Reggie Wayne caught an over-the-shoulder pass from Manning for a 22-yard score. Ivy had solid coverage on the play, running step for step with Wayne.

"Peyton made a great throw," Ryan said. "It's hard to defend against a perfect pass. We saw that a couple of times with Peyton."

On the third touchdown, Harrison got open on a slant route for a 5-yard score. He simply broke in front of McAlister, who reacted late on the play.

"I allowed him to get inside," McAlister said, "and he made the play."

It was a tough day for McAlister, who had a team-leading three interceptions in the first four games.

McAlister had a knee problem throughout the preseason, but no one said that limited him yesterday.

"My knee is fine," McAlister said. "It's not an issue."

The bigger issue is how the Ravens respond after losing three straight games.

In losing two games by a combined six points, the Ravens could point to a Jarret Johnson personal foul or a questionable penalty on Terrell Suggs for the defeats.

After getting routed by 28 points, it prompted more reflection.

"You come in here with high hopes and you get it handed to you," Harbaugh said. "To me, that is an opportunity to show what kind of man you are and what kind of a football team you are."


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