"When the day is done, what do you want? I guarantee you that you enjoy the win [more] than you enjoy the losses," receiver Derrick Mason said. "The only thing you remember is the 'W'. Everything else is history."

The Ravens will also remember their resiliency.

They came into the game without two starters on defense (cornerback Samari Rolle and defensive lineman Trevor Pryce) and two starters on offense (Ogden and tight end Todd Heap).

When the offensive linemen started dropping, the Ravens said their sideline came together.

"I think it's all about team," linebacker Ray Lewis said. "When we knew what we had to come into the game with and when the injuries hit, every offensive guy came to a defensive guy and said, 'We need you all to carry us.' We know what that means."

Taking advantage of a San Francisco offense playing without its starting quarterback (Alex Smith) and top playmaker (former Maryland tight end Vernon Davis), the Ravens gave up one first down in the first half. The 49ers crossed midfield three times in 10 possessions. Take away two back-to-back completions for 65 yards -- which included a 23-yard touchdown pass -- and Dilfer was 10-for-17 for 61 yards.

"I knew it would be hard," Dilfer said. "Nobody admires the mentality of defense they play more than I do. It is second to none. There's an attitude there, a belief system, a set of core values defensively that makes it very difficult to play good offensive football against them."

After Dilfer's touchdown to Arnaz Battle cut the Ravens' lead to 9-7 in the third quarter, the Ravens never let the momentum totally shift to the 49ers. They held San Francisco to 42 yards the rest of the way.

"We're disappointed because we shouldn't have given up seven," linebacker Bart Scott said. "We should have got a shutout. There's a high standard of excellence around here. We want to pitch shutouts, especially against a team which shouldn't have got a first down against us."

As soon as the game ended, Dilfer hugged Lewis and then shook hands with Billick. After years of blaming Billick for letting him go after the Super Bowl, Dilfer officially made amends with him.

"Very rewarding conversation," Billick said of the midfield meeting. "Very appreciative of him reaching out that way."

Dilfer even went up to Stover, saying, "You still got the old leg."

With Stover's leg and resurgent play of the defense, the Ravens won with the franchise's lowest scoring total in a victory since the former Cleveland Browns moved to Baltimore in 1996.

"We're built a certain way as a team, and all we said was we won't lose this game," Lewis said. "If we get the lead, we won't lose this game. I just think it shows the character of our team."