Asked whether it was good to see what Reed can do when he doesn't pitch it, Harbaugh paused before grinning.

"It's good to see what Ed can do all the time," he said.

Known for not wanting to make comparisons, Harbaugh made an exception on Reed's long return.

"I probably haven't seen any better ones," Harbaugh said.

Reed's return officially went down as 64 yards, but he covered more ground than that. Weaving across the field, he probably ran more than 100 yards.

"I don't think I caught my breath until the third quarter," Reed said.

The third quarter happened to be when Reed influenced the game again.

When Miami looked to close a 20-3 margin in the third quarter, it was again Reed who stopped the Dolphins.

Backed up at the Ravens' 15-yard line, Reed picked off Pennington's throw over the middle. This interception was easier than the first one for Reed.

Pennington "was staring down [his receiver]. That drew me over there," Reed said.

Pennington acknowledged that Reed had baited him.

"He totally leaves his spot and shows up in a place you would never imagine him being in," Pennington said. "That's why he's special."

Miami's turnovers were a surprise because Pennington set a Dolphins record for lowest interception percentage. Replacing the Dolphins' "Wildcat" offense with a Wild-Chad one, the NFL's Comeback Player of the Year had seven interceptions in 16 regular-season games but threw four in three quarters yesterday.

It wasn't a surprise that half of the takeaways came from Reed. He has intercepted 10 passes over the past seven weeks.

"At this point, we kind of expect it. We're spoiled," quarterback Joe Flacco said. "You see him catch the ball and you say, 'Not again.'"

That's what the other team is saying, too.

When Reed makes multiple interceptions, it's a bad sign for the opposition. The Ravens are 9-0 in those games during Reed's career.

"The kid's a freak, and he's the greatest safety alive," Suggs said. "We know that whenever he sees a crease, he's going to hit it like an offensive player. When he gets the ball, he's going to go the distance with it."

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