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Ask Suggs

Ask Suggs
Have a burning question for Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs? Just type your question below and Suggs will answer it like only he can. Don't see your favorite T-Sizzle quote? Email us.
"You've got to feed the horse. They fed their horse. We got to feed our horse.""I quit doing cocaine.""I don't think anyone should take themselves too seriously. If you can't laugh at yourself, then who can you laugh at?""I don't care what y'all say. I became a lot better looking.""When you've got a guy like that, he's like American Express. He's everywhere you want to be.""God can have his soul, but his ass belongs to me.""We're in hell now, but we have a vacation home in hell.""We're taking 53 men to the apocalypse and we ain't bringing flowers.""A lot of guys on this team attended Ball So Hard University, including myself.""I have no intentions of playing in the Pro Bowl.""Like I said, I love being the bad guy.""We have been declared war upon. We are the enemy of the state.""Championship teams, they don't settle for what's happening right now. Every week, they try to get better.""You don't show up to play in a game like this, you're going to get your (butt) whupped.""Why don't you like my quarterback, Skip? Is it his mustache? Is it his eyebrows? Is it because Tim Tebow is prettier?""Fifty-five is going to be on the field regardless, even if I got one shoulder.""I think my dad was more upset about the fine and mom was more upset because I'm not supposed to get angry on television like that."


A shirtless Terrell Suggs teamed up with PETA

A shirtless Terrell Suggs teamed up with PETA

Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs is used to chasing down opposing quarterbacks. Now Suggs is joining PETA in going after fur farms that kill foxes, minks and rabbits -- even dogs and cats -- to make coats out of their pelts.

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Suggs on Tebow, Skip Bayless, Flacco's eyebrows

Suggs on Tebow, Skip Bayless, Flacco's eyebrows

Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs made his triumphant return to ESPN's "First Take" on Tuesday. During his last appearance before the Ravens beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh, he battled with talking head Skip Bayless about Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. Two months later, Suggs, Flacco and the Ravens are the AFC's No. 2 seed.

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