Michael Oher, Terrence Cody show off punt-catching skills, earn players some time off

The Baltimore Sun

Ravens offensive tackle Michael Oher retreated, backing up several yards to haul in a high punt from Sam Koch.

Then, massive nose guard Terrence "Mount" Cody executed a one-handed grab of another Koch punt before tossing the football to the sidelines.

By doing so, Oher and Cody just increased their popularity in the locker room as their punt-catching efforts earned the team a shorter practice, with coach John Harbaugh shaving off roughly a half-hour from the workout.

"There were ramifications," Harbaugh said. "They earned the other guys a little time off. There was a lot of pressure on those guys."

What Oher did was particularly impressive because he had to move a lot to get under Koch's towering punt.

"You will not see that in games, I can assure you of that," Harbaugh said. "At least they won't be catching the ball. They might be blocking. It shows what great athletes those guys are. To walk back and catch a 55-yard bomb from Sam Koch is pretty impressive, and they both did it."

Catching the punt apparently earned the players even more down time after practice.

Undrafted rookie offensive tackle Jack Cornell thanked Oher via his Twitter account for "fielding that punt and getting us the night off."

Cornerback Lardarius Webb, who returned punts for the Ravens last season, admitted to being surprised that Oher and Cody were able to catch the punts.

"I thought both of them would miss it at first," Webb said. "I've seen Michael Oher catch a pop fly before and it didn't go well. T. Cody, I never thought in a million years he would have caught it, but he caught it with one hand. And I can't catch it with one hand. He did a great job."


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