Flacco's evolution on display

When I think of the 2010 season for the Ravens, the special moment was Joe Flacco's comeback in Pittsburgh. If Flacco develops into an elite quarterback, I will look back at the last minute of this game as his first defining moment.

Sure, Flacco has won playoff games. He has thrown big touchdown passes in the past. But this was the time he put the Ravens on his back and led them to victory on their chief rivals' home turf.

It didn't matter that there were only 68 seconds left and no timeouts. Down by four points (14-10) and 40 yards away from the end zone, Flacco surgically carved up the NFL's stingiest defense on four pinpoint passes.

Almost an hour after Flacco threw the game-winning, 18-yard touchdown pass to T.J. Houshmandzadeh, he was one of the last players in the locker room at Heinz Field. As he left, he still had the biggest smile on his face. It's a safe bet to say he won't be forgetting this moment, either.

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