Instant analysis of Ravens' third-round picks

How our experts see the Ravens' third-round picks Chris Wormley and Tim Williams:

Jeff Zrebiec, reporter: If anybody needed proof that the Ravens still subscribe to the "best-player available" approach, the third round of the NFL draft was it. Instead of adding a long-awaited weapon for quarterback Joe Flacco or some offensive line help, the Ravens added two more players to their front seven.  The Ravens are building quite a big and versatile defense and Wormley and Williams were among the best players at their position in the draft. But who did offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg tick off? 

Mike Preston, columnist: Wormley sounds like a John Harbaugh-type player. He isn't flashy and not a dynamic athlete, but is effective and stable. He controls his little small area of the field and has strong hands to rip through blocks. I am not sure why the Ravens need another end/tackle on defense, but aparently GM Ozzie Newsome thought he was the best player on the board at the time. I guess the Ravens wanted to stay with the defensive theme.  I like the idea of adding Tim Williams. He has had some off the field issues, but I am sure Newsome has checked him out because of his ties with Alabama. Some times you have to gamble with a player and I don't mind that with a third-round pick. The guy is explosive and has a large enough frame where he can add a few pounds and still be effective. He has a great burst. 

Peter Schmuck, columnist: Clearly, defensive coordinator Dean Pees has the chair closest to Ozzie Newsome in the Ravens' war room. The first four draft choices have all bolstered the team's defense. With the third pick, they get a top-flight Big Ten defensive tackle in Michigan's Chris Wormley, and with the fourth they add still another pass rusher -- Alabama outside linebacker Tim Williams, who has some character issues to go with a lot of talent. So, maybe they'll start working on the offense tomorrow afternoon. Or maybe not.

Childs Walker, reporter: In Wormley, the Ravens took a power rusher to pair with their speed guy from the previous round. Then they took another edge rusher in Williams. They're certainly stockpiling impressive athletes. I know it's not necessarily glamorous but they're making a commendable push to address one of their main long-term issues.

Ron Fritz, sports editor: The Ravens have pretty much rebuilt their defense and the competition on the line should be impressive in training camp. Even though the front office talked about adding playmakers around quarterback Joe Flacco, they still haven't found any protection on the offensive line for him. Not sure how they improve the offense at this point. It's pure luck if you can find a difference-maker in the last four rounds.

Jonas Shaffer, reporter: In the third round, the Ravens did what they know best. And with Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh on speed dial and Ozzie Newsome's connections to Alabama, the Ravens braintrust ought to know Wolverines defensive lineman Chris Wormley and Crimson Tide linebacker Tim Williams very, very well — the good and the bad. That might not be enough to placate Ravens fans, who want to know why the offense has gone unaddressed through the first three rounds and top four picks. It's a fair question.

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