Hopkins doctors give Artie a pacemaker dHC

Sun Staff

Surgeons at Johns Hopkins Hospital yesterday implanted a heart pacemakerin former Baltimore Colt and NFL Hall of Famer Art Donovan. Donovan was instable condition after the operation, the hospital said.

"The operation went very well and he has an excellent prognosis," saidcardiac surgeon Levi Watkins, who performed the procedure.

Donovan, a defensive tackle, became the Colts' first Hall of Famer in1968.

In lieu of flowers, Donovan requested that donations be made to theGrant-a-Wish Foundation, an organization for critically ill children. Themoney will go toward construction of the Children's House at Hopkins, wherefamilies of critically ill children will stay during treatments.

The address of the Grant-a-Wish Foundation is P.O. Box 21211, Baltimore,Md. 21228.

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