Cause of Suggs' injury not important to Harbaugh

Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs, who partially tore his right Achilles tendon in late April, has denied an ESPN report that he sustained the injury while playing basketball in Arizona. He claims the injury occurred during a conditioning drill. Either way, Ravens coach John Harbaugh said that at this point, the cause is “not relevant.”

“That's not a conversation we're even having,” Harbaugh said Wednesday at the team’s voluntary organized team activity. “It's not relevant to anything or has anything to do with what we're trying to accomplish. If it were I guess we'd think about it. The relevant conversation with Terrell Suggs is going to be rehab.”

Suggs will come on Monday to Baltimore so doctors can examine his surgically-repaired tendon. If the scar is fully healed, Suggs should be cleared to begin rehabbing the injury at the team’s facility.

“Knowing Terrell, he's going to be back here sooner rather than later,” Harbaugh said.

Though he denied the ESPN report, Suggs does have a history of playing basketball in the offseason. Last year, he told The Sun that he played basketball in an Arizona semi-pro league four or five days a week.

The Ravens could, in theory, try to go after some of the linebacker's salary if he was indeed injured while playing basketball away from the facility. But Harbaugh made it pretty clear that the Ravens have no plans to.

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