Can the Cardinals end their road woes Sunday in Baltimore?

TEMPE, Ariz. -- The Cardinals have lost 10 consecutive games away from home, with their last road victory coming in St. Louis in the 2010 season opener.

They haven't played well at home in that stretch, either, and have an overall record of 6-16 the past two seasons.

The Cardinals are following the same routine on the road as they did in 2009 when they went 6-2, so it's hard to blame anything other than poor play for their recent road woes.

“We had a stretch there a couple years ago where we thought we had made some progress,” coach Ken Whisenhunt said. “We've got to have some success and win some games. We had an opportunity twice this year [Washington, Seattle], and we weren't able to execute at the end of the game.”

Whisenhunt admits he's superstitious. If things are going well, he won't vary his routine. If they aren't, he'll change almost everything. After five consecutive defeats, there is nothing routine about his routine.


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