Seahawks 22, Ravens 17

3. Harbaugh and the Ravens look like they're going to be more forgiving of David Reed than most teams would be. Before we debate whether or not David Reed should still be a member of the Baltimore Ravens, let's fully review his contributions of late. He fumbled a kickoff against the Steelers that was recovered by Vonta Leach, narrowly avoiding a turnover that probably would have put the Ravens down 10-0. He fumbled a kickoff against Seattle that led to a first-quarter field goal and put the Ravens in a 10-0 hole. He was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct on a kickoff return after he dropped the football on a Seahawk tackler, backing the Ravens up to the 10-yard line. Baltimore went 3-and-out and punted, and Seattle took over at the Ravens 42-yard line, then drove the ball 20 yards and kicked another field goal to make it 16-7. On the very next kickoff, Reed fumbled yet again and Seattle advanced the ball exactly 1 yard before turning it into another field goal to make it 19-7. "I didn't fumble at all last year," Reed told reporters after the game. "It's a little hump I've got to get over. It's very frustrating. [I've] just got to bounce back. I let my teammates down. It was bad. I don't feel good at all." Normally, that's usually the kind of performance that gets a fourth-string wide receiver cut on Monday, especially if he's frequently been injured during his career, has never caught a pass in 19 NFL games, and also managed to get himself suspended for violating the league's drug policy. Harbaugh, however, seemed to make it clear Reed's job wasn't in danger, which was a bit of a surprise. I thought he might at least make Reed sweat it out on the plane ride home. "You have to protect the football," Harbaugh said. "[Reed] knows that. He will stop that. David Reed is a tough guy. He is a competitive guy. He's done that before. I have a lot of confidence in David, I have a lot of respect for David and he is one of our guys.” I suppose Ozzie Newsome could still decide he's not interested in keeping Reed around anymore, and take the decision out of Harbaugh's hands. Either way, it hasn't been a very good year for special teams coach Jerry Rosburg. Kickoff coverage has been poor, kickoff returns have been awful, and the field goal kicking has been a little inconsistent. I don't know why LaQuan Williams hasn't gotten a shot to return kicks, especially since he looked so good in the preseason. Maybe it's time to give him his shot now, since getting Torrey Smith hurt back there would be a disaster for the offense.
Baltimore Sun photo by Kenneth K. Lam
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