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Sun coverage: Ravens coaching search

  • Ravens coaching search

    Ravens coaching search

    Photos of candidates for the Ravens' head coaching job

  • Possible Ravens coaching candidates

    Possible Ravens coaching candidates

    Bill CowherTitle: TV analyst, former Pittsburgh Steelers coach. Age: 50. Skinny: When he opts to return to the NFL, Cowher will become one of the highest-paid coaches in history. He led the Steelers for 15 seasons, winning the Super Bowl in the 2005 season. But Cowher has said he isn't interested...

  • Billick fired

    Billick fired

    Ravens owner calls decision 'toughest of my life'

  • In end, Billick couldn't overcome offensive struggles

    The Ravens' Brian Billick became like the emperor with no clothes on, with his greatest weaknesses as a head coach becoming exposed more and more every year. Finally, in the 2007 season, his charisma and salesmanship could no longer save him, overwhelmed by a season in which he had to be a difference-maker...

  • Bisciotti should take chance, put Ryan in charge

    Rex Ryan should be hired as the Ravens' next coach before he gets away. But before delving into the reasons it should happen, and the reasons it might not, here's a slight mea culpa. It was suggested in this space yesterday, in the wake of that wretched 5-11 season, that the Ravens players' insistence...

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