49ers sample a taste of life on Bourbon Street before Super Bowl

San Jose Mercury News Columnist

NEW ORLEANS -- When the Super Bowl shows up here, stuff happens. It might have something to do with the vibe.

How many cities do you know where at noontime on a weekday, someone is paid to stand outside a bar in the middle of the street and hold up a large advertising sign that says: "HUGE ... BEERS"?

How many cities do you know where another person is holding up another sign outside another establishment: "WASH THE GIRL OF YOUR CHOICE"?

I can only think of one. It's the city where I saw both of those things Monday.

The 49ers arrived here Sunday night. The team has no curfew until Tuesday. Many of the players also went out to see what they could see.

"Bourbon Street, the whole street ... dude, that's crazy," said offensive tackle Alex Boone.

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