But New England, which was without its top three corners, held the Ravens to 1.2 yards per attempt. The Ravens failed to gain a first down on half of their 14 drives and managed more than one first down on just one possession.

It marked the third time this season that the offense failed to score a touchdown.

"We thought we definitely could take advantage of those guys," Taylor said. "They just brought a lot of pressure. They blitzed and they blitzed. We really didn't get a chance to test them today."

Under pressure most of the game, Boller finished 15-for-35 for 93 yards. And when he did have time, it seemed like his throws short-hopped a few yards before reaching the receivers.

"This is just a temporary setback," said Boller, with mud caked on his face. "This isn't going to stop us. We're going to see them again."

If these teams do see each other again, the Ravens have to find a way to contain Dillon, who had been limited to 50 yards rushing in his past six meetings against Ray Lewis.

In the second half, Dillon accounted for more than half of New England's offense (83 of 156 yards).

"He got to the outside on us," linebacker Terrell Suggs said. "We knew he was going to do that and we still let him get out there. When he got to the outside, he did that thing."

In the end, the Ravens were dominated in yardage (314-124), time of possession (35:54 to 24:06) and turnovers (2-0).

"As you can see, it just rained a little harder on our side," safety Ed Reed said.

The only ray of hope comes in the next two weeks, when the Ravens play the Cincinnati Bengals and New York Giants at home.

If the Ravens don't sweep those games, they can essentially brush their playoff chances to the side.

"You can't go and drop your head because we lost one game," said Ray Lewis, wearing a bandage over the bridge of his nose where he needed stitches. "We're 7-4, the playoff race is right where we need to be and everything will take care of itself."
2nd-half knockout

After tying the game in the final seconds of the first half, the Ravens were dominated in the second half.

   Ravens, Patriots
First downs 3, 11
Yds. rushing 34, 95
Yds. passing -5, 61
Total yds. 29, 156