For several weeks, WWE has been focused on heavily promoting the milestone 1,000th episode of Raw on July 23.

On a personal note, I'm more than OK with this, as I've had my tickets for that show purchased since January and would love to see a stacked show.

But as the build of that show has continued, WWE has been bringing back legends. Vader appeared last week, and a number of guests made special appearances on tonight's Raw, as well.

In the wake of John Laurinaitis' ousting as general manager and executive vice president of talent relations, though, it seems a few more faces from the past may be making appearances.

Tonight's show opened with Mick Foley coming to the ring to announce he would be guest hosting Raw and Smackdown this week, as the Board of Directors has been reaching out to past authority figures while searching for a new one.

Seeing Foley on WWE television again was fun. He handled himself well on the microphone and in his interaction with Laurinaitis, but I hope he gets more screen time on Friday's Smackdown.

Many have speculated who would rise to power in the wake of the Laurinaitis firing, and this seems to put WWE in a holding pattern for at least a few weeks. It wouldn't be surprising to see a new, permanent general manager named at the 1,000th Raw.

On another personal note, I am hoping this new gimmick means we will see the return - if only for a cameo appearance - of Mike Adamle, one of the most underrated characters and authority figures in not only WWE, but the annals of sports entertainment as a whole.

In the coming weeks, WWE will be promoting the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, the 1,000th episode of Raw and SummerSlam. Through it all, there will surely be a new story to arise regarding the power of the WWE.

This could shape up to be the big angle of the summer people have been waiting for. Let's hope whichever direction this storyline goes is one that takes a turn back onto the right path, leading to something of worthwhile consequence.


Quick Hits


  • The World Heavyweight and WWE champions unified to defeat Daniel Bryan and Kane in a strong opener. It seems like these four men, especially CM Punk, Bryan and Kane, have interacted too much lately, but they continue to put together compelling matches. And AJ adds a lot to the situation, too, as she continued to play her role well, dressing in Kane attire and distracting the Big Red Monster. The finish of the match was also something new, as Punk and Sheamus hit a Go To Sleep and Brogue Kick combo on Bryan for the win. This is the kind of matches we should be seeing on Raw more often.


  • In a move that shocked no one, John Cena overcame the odds to win what was supposed to be a three-on-one handicap match. Big Show walked out on his partners before the match, David Otunga walked out during the match and Laurinaitis ate three Attitude Adjustments before taping out to the STF.There wasn't much substance to the match; it was just Cena dominating Otunga and then abusing Laurinaitis. Does anyone other than indy wrestler Darin Corbin (who pointed it out on Facebook, amidst much other wisdom shared during Raw) remember when Cena and Otunga were tag team champions?


  • Dolph Ziggler beat Jack Swagger in a match to decide who was more deserving of Vickie Guerrero's affection and services. The match itself was good, but the heat didn't really seem to be there. Ziggler winning was obviously the right call, but I hoped to see him turn on Guerrero and reject her. From all reports of No Way Out, the fans were clearly behind Ziggler, so it would almost certainly be a mistake not to capitalize on a babyface turn sooner rather than later.